International outdoor learning conference in Turku, Finland, June 2017

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Ulos – Ut – Out! – international outdoor learning conference arranged in Turku and Sauvo in 5-6.6.2017. Thank you all for participating!

Ulos – Ut – Out! – The conference’s opinion: All children have the right to a relationship with nature (published 7.6.2017)

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Keynote speakers at Turku Castle 5.6.2017
Simon Beames
Kirsti Lonka (Kuva Liisa Takala)
Emilia Fägerstam




“Educating generation Z”
Dr. Simon Beames, The University of Edinburgh Senior Lecturer in Outdoor Learning, Teaching and Leadership (ETL)

“Miksi ihmisen mieli ja aivot voivat hyvin liikkeessä ja ulkona? Ympäristön merkitys oppimiselle”
Kasvatuspsykologian professori Kirsti Lonka, Helsingin yliopisto

“Olika dimensioner av lärandet i uteundervisningen “
Emilia Fägerstam, PhD och lektor i pedagogik med inriktning på ämnesdidaktik/utomhusdidaktik, LInköpings Universitet

The event begins with a seminar at Turku Castle and continues with numerous workshops spread around the City of Turku and Ahtela Youth Centre in Sauvo. The theme of the conference is Finnish nature as a learning environment and the program will be conducted in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The Ulos – Ut – Out! conference will draw participants from the teaching, social work and community work professions as well as students and professionals working in natural environments and other interested parties.

The program will cover topics from historical to future perspectives, from the forest to the sea and urban environments. The positive wellbeing effects of nature, sustainable living, social participation and influence will be covered. Participants will gain new perspectives on organising safe educational programs in nature and nature based teaching and learning methods, such as drama, music, adventure, research, art and handicrafts.

Ulos – Ut – Out! brings together four national conferences for the first time; The Finnish national conferences for Adventure Education, Environmental Education, Forest Education and Mitt i naturen. Ulos – Ut – Out! is part of the centenary celebrations of Finland’s independence in 2017.

Just like the name, at Ulos- Ut – Out!, there will be plenty of outdoor events. In addition to a rich and varied program, lunch will be served by Aura River, dinner beside the campfire, there will be bird and bat expeditions and you can even spend the whole night outdoors in a hammock, your own tent or even in a half-platoon tent. You are welcome to join us! We are also looking for event sponsors and supporters. Ulos – Ut – Out! together!

More information is found on these pages, email: info@ulos2017.fiFacebook and Twitter.