Simon Beames


Turun linnassa / vid Åbo slott / in Turku Castle
Ma/Må/Mo 5.6.2017


Educating generation Z – Simon Beames (UK)
Generation Z, who are currently teenagers, are the most over-protected in history and have grown up with wifi and smartphones as the norm. They expect access to useful information with the swipe of a screen and to communicate by video link with those not present, and are constantly bombarded by media imploring them to buy goods, lose weight, and stay connected to online friends. Simon will outline popular defining traits of Gen Z and suggest ways that educators can develop their practices in order to effectively cater to today’s youth. This talk will also consider how broader contexts of globalisation, shifting societal norms, and rapid changes in technology influence learners, educational policy, and teaching practice.

Dr. Simon Beames, The University of Edinburgh Senior Lecturer in Outdoor Learning, Teaching and Leadership (ETL)